PowerBend Universal

The versatile solution for lean sheet metal forming in locksmith-, maintenance-, and plumber workshops.


PowerBend Universal

The versatile solution for lean sheet metal forming in locksmith-, maintenance-, and plumber workshops.



nano Touch control mounted on swivel arm
Dual folding beam drive, (2 × 2.2 kW)
Middle motor clamping beam drive 3.0 kW

Clamping beam stroke 350 mm, clamping beam orientation 48°
Manual folding beam adjustment 80 mm
Manual crowning system
Quick clamping system for clamping beam tools


Tools & Options


POS 2000 Professional control mounted on swivel arm
Hydraulic tool clamping on clamping beam
Motorized crowning system
Motorized folding beam adjustment
Several drive-, tool- and gauge options

Model Woking length
Sheet thickness 400 N/mm2 Machine length
Machine width
Machine height
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
2,000×4.0 2,040 4.0 3,814
1,694 1,510
2,500×4.0 2,540 4.0 4,314
1,694 1,510
3,200×3.0 3,240 3.0 5,014 1,694 1,510
4,000×2.5 4,040 2.5 5,814 1,694 1,510

Clamping beam
Model Geometry Stroke Drive power
[°] [mm] [kW] [mm/s]
2,000×4.0 48 (180)
350 3/5.5 20 (46)
2,500×4.0 48 (180) 350 3/5.5 20(46)
3,200×3.0 48 (180) 350 3/5.5 20(46)
4,000×2.5 48 (180) 350 3/5.5 20(46)

Folding beam
Model Drive Power
Speed Folding beam adjustment
[kW] [°/s] [mm]
2,000×4.0 2 x 2.2 90 80
2,500×4.0 2 x 2.2 90 80
3,200×3.0 2 x 2.2 90 80
4,000×2.5 2 x 2.2 90 80




POS 2000 Professional

the standard for industrial folding machines
The proven POS 2000 Professional makes programming a folding machine fast and comfortable. The desired program components can be selected from a comprehensive and expandable catalog, the angle and side dimensions are easily changed by pressing the monitor.

The control software displays exactly what the machine is doing: The folding machine, work piece, and tool are displayed schematically and updated for every bending step. Anyone who programs preparation of the work away from the machine can test the quality of their program using the bending simulation, which effectively avoids waste and delays during production.

The software not only controls the machine, but also offers assistance to the user: all of the necessary operator activities like turning, rotating, etc. are displayed for each bending step.


the most clearly laid-out alphanumeric control
The latest software invention from Schröder Group and perfect for workshop and factory application: nano Touch is a modern alphanumeric control that serves as the standard software for the folding machines MAK II, MAK 3, MAK V, and MAKV S.

nano Touch controls the clamping beam and the folding beam using a path measurement system, and the motorized back stop is controlled via the digitally controlled frequency inverter. The user interface is clearly laid-out and combines easy-to-understand icons with text and numerical displays.